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KBC YFilling™ kit

Y-STR Profiling

Y-STR haplotype is shared by males from the same paternal lineage (i.e. cousin or a brother). Y-STR genotyping can be used for forensic application, relationship testing, familial searching, casework and database samples. In azoospermia cases (sperm absence), males can be decrypted using Y-STR profiling.

KBC YFiling™

KBC YFiling™ is a novel 5-dye multiplex kit, for amplifying 29 human Y- chromosome STR markers in a single reaction. By using an allelic ladder, the obtained results are compatible with the other kits (ABI Yfiler plus and PowerPlex® Y23). Because of the 5-dye system, products can be analyzed without the need of software upgrade.

Main Features

•  Increasing the power of discrimination and forensic parameters by encompassing the 29 STR markers

•  Primer design with consideration of SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) at the primer sites in order to improve the signals


AMXY, DYS458, DYS392, DYS448, DYS576, DYS460, DYS627, DYS437, DYS393, DYS389 I-II, DYS439, DYS533, DYF387S, DYS518, DYS391, DYS456, YGATAH4, DYS390, DYS438, DYS481, DYS385 a,b, DYS570, DYS635, DYS19, DYS449, DYS643, DYS549


Features & Benefits

Accurate, rapid and cost-effective method

Amplification of all loci in a single  PCR reaction

•Easy handling

Ready-to-use mixes 

•Reliable results

Complete concordance with other commercial kits

•Easy result interpretation

Rapid analyze with GeneMarker®, Gene Mapper®, Genotyper® and GeneScan® software

•Competitive price

High-quality results provided along with competitive price