KBC RizFiling™

 | Post date: 2017/05/21 | 


 RizFiling™  Kit: DNA Typing for Degraded Specimens


One of the main methods for molecular human identification is the application of STRs (short tandem repeat) markers. This technique is now routinely used in human profiling kits. RizFiling is a PCR amplification kit for typing aged and degraded DNA.

RizFiling Kit:

KBC RizFiling™ kit is designed for obtaining human profiles for degraded, aged and damaged DNA as in aged bones. This kit includes 12 highly informative STR loci plus amelogenin marker. Results can be interpreted using databases generated using IRFiling, IRFiling plus and batteries of other commercially available kits (e.g. Identifier, Global Filer from Thermo Fisher). Primers have been designed and developed with short amplicon lengths (<320 bp). The 12 autosomal loci in the kit are the most informative markers among CODIS loci.



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