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InDelFiling ™ kit

InDelFiling ™ kit is a novel SNP-based human identification kit, for amplifying 30 insertions/deletion markers (InDel), in a single reaction.In addition for more accuracy one sex determination marker, two Y-STRs, and two autosomal STRs are included in this assay. Based on the short amplicon sizes (less than 300 bp), these markers can be easily typed and used in human identity testing, profiling a degraded DNA and complex paternity cases.



Y/Xb (sex-determination marker), VWA, D8s1179, DYS19, DYS437

7q31.1, 2q31.1, 7q36.2, 6q16.1, 16q13, 17p11.2, 5q14.1, 4q25, 20p11.1, 11q22.2, 12q22, 14q23.1, 9q22.32, 15q26.1, 5q33.2, 8p22, 17p13.3, 2q11.2, 22q12.3, 21q22.11, 22q11.23, 5q12.3, 7q21.3, 22q13.1, 3p22.1, 13q12.3, 1p32.3, 1q31.3, 1p22.1, 8q24.12


Features & Benefits

Accurate, rapid and cost-effective method

Amplification of all loci in a single  PCR reaction

•Easy handling

Ready-to-use mixes 

•Reliable results

Complete concordance with other commercial kits

•Easy result interpretation

Rapid analyze with GeneMarker®, Gene Mapper®, Genotyper® and GeneScan® software

•Competitive price

High-quality results provided along with competitive price

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