KBC AneuQuick™ QF PCR Kit

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AneuQuick™ kit (IVD)

For rapid Detection of Numerical Aneuploidies of Chromosomes 21, 18, 13, X and Y


QF-PCR has been shown to be a reliable alternative for karyotyping for the detection of chromosomal aneuploidies. DNA extracted from various sources such as amniotic fluid, chorionic villus, and blood samples can be used as a genomic material in this method. In a multiplex assay, several specific STR markers for several chromosomes are amplified which their peaks (numbers or heights) represent copy number of studied chromosomes in a quantitative or qualitative manner.


KBC AneuQuick™ is a novel kit which has been prepared in accordance with allele frequencies in different populations. This kit consists of 25 STR markers which have a wide range of heterozygosity and cover the entire length of each of Chr 21, 18, 13 and their critical regions plus sex chromosomes.

Simultaneous analysis of these 25 loci circumvent the use of extra kits or markers.


Features & Benefits

• Quick and easy results interpretation

Amplification of 25 markers in a single reaction enables users to get quick and

reliable results

6 markers for Chr 21

5 markers for Chr 13

4 markers for Chr 18

5 markers for Chr X

2 markers for Chr Y

2 markers for Chr X/Y detection

1 segmental duplication marker for detecting Turner Syndrome

• Ensured quality

More than 200 unrelated individuals were tested using the AneuQuick™ and other commercially available kits in parallel, results were compared with karyotyping. The identical results confirm the accuracy of AneuQuick™.

• Reliable detection of Turner syndrome

One segmental duplication marker has been added for accurate detection of X-chromosome copy number in prenatal samples

• Quick and easy handling

The test format is one “ready-to-use” mix for amplification of 25 STR markers in a single multiplex PCR

• Competitive price

High-quality results along with competitive price


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KBC AneuQuick Kit  Quick Protocol

KBC AneuQuick Kit User Manual

KBC AneuQuick Kit GeneMapper ID Panel

KBC AneuQuick kit GeneMarker Panel




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KBC AneuQuick QF-PCR



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